Inventory of an Explorer on the move

Who wants to travel far must spare himself“, said Jean Racine.

So to be sharpened like blades, ready to pounce on every occasion, to throw ourselves headlong into the adventure – this beautiful and sweet scents which smells of the perfume of  the great unknown – we better equip ourselves accordingly.

Step 1, essential but not least : updating vaccines
(or how to have enough antibodies for the next 3 generations)

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Let’s be serious for two minutes. It is important to prepare your body to such a “marathon” trip, especially with 92 countries in the crosshairs. In total, and if I counted well, we got eleven injections administered per explorer ! Yes, yes, I assure you:
-1 injection against Yellow fever, the only vaccine required when you move in “tropical” countries, especially in Africa, South America and the Caribbean – and highly recommended in general

-1 injection against MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella), pure prevention, since I didn’t have measles as a child. And adult measles, it is best to avoid … It seems to sting a bit.
-1 injection against Hepatitis A
-3 injections  for rabies pre-exposure : the 1st at D1, the 2nd at D+7 and the 3rd at D+28

-1 injection against Typhoid fever
-2 injections  against Japanese Encephalitis: the 1st at D1 and the 2nd at D+28

-1 injection against Tdap-IPV (Diphteria-Tetanus-Poliomyelitis-Pertussis)
-et 1 injection against Meningococal Meningitis
Plus some nice fevers… It is part of the “package” !

Step 2 : Administrative
(and no…it’s not facultative… snif…)

Wine Explorers ; Jean-Baptiste Ancelot ; wine ; adventure ; travel ; tasting ; discovery ; vin ; bouteille ; tour du monde ; wine tour ; wine trip ; voyage

Yay ! I love running from right to left for a forgotten tampon, a signature in the wrong box on the x or y form, or a new copy of the identity card – because on the previous one does not recognize any of your head, the printing is awful…

In short, once all these festivities ended you have in your possession some essential tools for your “Super Explorer” equipment :
-2 passports (Yeah ! That’s the class), and one of which is called “big traveler” with 16 more pages to welcome all your future customs stamps
-1 International Driving Permit (attention, it is only valid for 3 years)
-1 new identity card. Yes, I was obliged: try to explain to the customs border control that it is you, the little beardless boy on the old school photo, while today you have a 5-day beard and your hair mid-long…

Step 3 : the backpack
(or how to try not to look like a mule while your bag weighs 30kg)

A mix – no, more like a Chinese puzzle ! – to successfully fit into a single backpack all the necessary equipment to travel – from clothing to sleeping through to the toiletries – not out for one but for two explorers! Why will you ask? Because Ludo will have on his shoulders all the technical equipment, and believe me, he will also carry his cross. Result : we optimize, reduce to a minimum, and look for the most compact and lightest equipment.

Quick summary of an “optimized” backpack for one person:
-1 pair of hiking boots, airy and waterproof, protecting the ankle and allowing your feet to breathe correctly (I hope …)
-7 pairs of anti-blister socks (love progress!)
-7 beautiful adventurer boxers/briefs
-2 convertible pants shorts
-1 legging
-1 light and windproof coat
-2 cotton long sleeve  shirts
-1 lightweight sleeping bag
-1 silk coth bag, which makes you gain 3 to 4 degrees and allows you to keep your sleeping bag clean
-1 hammock, with net system and anti-rain integrated
-without forgetting… the first aid kit !

The equipment seems to work nicely and the first steps in South Africa are going very well. It only remains for us to experience a night in hammock under the African stars…


Monture de luxe Wine Explorers ; Jean-Baptiste Ancelot ; wine ; adventure ; travel ; tasting ; discovery ; vin ; bouteille ; tour du monde ; wine tour ; wine trip ; voyage

Live your dreams

How many of us haven’t dream of a new start to dare to live his own dreams ?

Life is a dream, but dreaming is not living“, said Huygens.

Did I do everything to be happy ? It’s in asking myself this question that I progressively ceased to imagine the existence of my dreams to really live them. From dream to reality there is sometimes only a step. And most of the time, the only Grail, the only true motivation that drives us to take this step and to do things, much more than the desire to earn more money or to engage in a socially better valued job, is simply the fact of “being happy”. Happy to live. Happy to discover. Happy to meet people. Happy to share things.  Whether it is caused by a professional hazard, a personal factor or made by a sudden awareness – which was my case ; this step forward is less and less of a leap into the void.

Living a new start needs to be prepared, anticipated. Six years ago, still virgin of any knowledge on the subject, naked as a worm in the middle of a vineyard, I embarged into full retraining, I jumped into the wine. The most beautiful corner of my life. I sat on the benches of the school and there I began to devour every book on the subject that I could find, with a frenzy without limits. I was quickly invaded by thousands of questions : Why do journalists always talk about the same wine countries ? What is the true face of the wine world ? What does wine taste like around the world ?… It is in response to these questions and many more that I imagined WINE Explorers. It took six years of reflection, research and preparation before finally being ready to hit the road. In addition I was helped by great and wonderful people, who guided me in my moments of doubt.  So now it’s my turn to share some tips with you.

Before the big plunge, make sure that your project is well thought out. Instructions to embark on the adventure.

Establish a specific career plan : be sure yours is viable, that there is a demand for the activity that you lead, and most important of all, that your family is in line with your desires. If it is essential that your project is first of all personal, it is necessary that those who accompany you also find their place in it, which is not always easy.
Take stock of your current situation : do you feel a strong need to change your life or do you feel more of a point ill-being tied to a particular event in your life ? Achieve to distinguish one from the other is a critical step and does not happen in a few days. Allow yourself time to think, to make sure that your desire is feasible.
Do not idealize your future place of life : try to take a few weeks vacation instead at a time of the year you’ve never done previously, before you decide to make the leap. And if it is rather the “world tour” life style mode that attracts you, we will prepare your route.

Dear Friends, it remains for me to thank you all as a closing of  this first article. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being with us to experience and share this wonderful human adventure. May it encourage you too to go after your dreams. The world is opening  it’s arms to us.  And always remember this : we are all Explorers !

Let’s start !