The team

Jean Baptiste Ancelot
Jean-Baptiste Ancelot (JB) – Fondeur/Wine traveler
Fondeur of the WINE Explorers’ projet, wine traveler/lover/writer.
Stéphane Diné
Stéphane Diné – Carrier/Logistician
Coordinates logistics, transport and delivery of samples from all the wine producing countries around the world to France.
Ludovic Pollet
Ludovic Pollet (Ludo/Ludwig) – Cameraman/Documentary Director
Cameraman and photographer of the WINE Explorers’ project.
Amandine Fabre
Amandine Fabre (Amand’Ine) – Winemaker 
Responsible for the organisation and animation of WINE Explorers’ tastings in France. In charge of the tasting committee.
Winy (Wine-ee) 
Official Mascot and Ambassador of the Wine Explorers’ adventure around the world.

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